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The Picks | May 2024

The Picks | May 2024
Jade Irvine, Mountain view of Glenorchy Pool, oil on canvas, 2024. Exhibited in 'Up and Coming' at Handmark Gallery, Mary 2024.

Here’s the stuff I think you might like a look at in May. 

Firstly, get up to Contemporary Art Tasmania and take in Embraced In The Loving Arms of an Algorithm v1.1, an exhibition created by Jon Smeathers –
an exhibition that looks at what an exhibition created by an algorithmic process might look like. It’s on until the 18th of May and it’s excellent.

There’s a workshop you can check out as well on the 11th of May – more information is here

There’s a huge emerging artists show – Up and Coming open now at Handmark Gallery in Salamanca, and it’s a great cross section of a lot of interesting newer artists; there’s 21 people sharing work here. It’s on until the 20th May, so don’t sleep on it. Full disclosure – I opened this show to an absolutely packed room on Friday and had a total blast checking out new work, meeting a couple of artists,and telling tales.

At Good Grief on Friday the 10th Jack Robert-Tissot and Reece Aaron Nicolaou will open a new exhibition; both shows deal with weird human non-spaces and are looking a bit informed by the weirder end of Dystopian narratives. I wrote an essay for Jack and had a blast, and the snippets coming in from Reece look wild. This one looks fun and strange, which is just what we all need.

Despard Gallery has a double-header from Ian Parry and Anthea Boden. Parry is an artist with some four decades under his belt who somehow always manages to keep re-inventing his approach to making art, so you sort never quite know what you’ll get, beyond it being distinctly art by Ian Parry. He’s very good at making stunningly luminous colours that are simply gorgeous. Anthea Boden’s work is a good complement; she similarly has a long history of genuine investigation. Both artists are solid as you like and still trying out new ideas, and will probably never stop doing so.

There’s also the MOSAIC festival on at MAC which will feature Aquanebula, a massive collaborative installation by fifty artists – there’s an actual tonne of events alongside this, so check the program out here

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