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The Picks | Apr 2024

The Picks | Apr 2024
InsideOUT Program - The Cascade Funnel Web Vivarium by Matthew Stolp. Photo: Andrew Wilson.

Quick, it’s getting cold. Get judicious about leaving the house. Make concrete plans. Get a raincoat, consider putting Dubbin on your shoes, remember to bring a jumper.

There’s art you need to take in:

First, check out Nipaluna Ambient Monitoring Station II. This is a sound project that wanders into the corners and cracks of Hobart and reports back, and it’s on THURSDAY AFTERNOON at 3:30, in a couple of seedy alleyways – you’ll find poetry in one shadowy nameless space next to the Maritime Museum. Across town, there’s a moving device up on a wall in the lane next to the foam cutters, created by Dylan Sheridan. The opening event is at the Maritime museum on Argyle St at 3:30pm TOMORROW(!), 4th April; check here for lots more detail.

The essential gallery show is at the Rosny Schoolhouse – Unfamiliar Familiars. Wow, does this look great: Icky Brothers (who was part of one of my favourite shows from last year) is joined by tattoo legend Rosie Wordsworth, Arrow Bisset and Ceridwyn Williams. I’ve seen a glimpse of this show and it looks awesome, conjuring up new worlds and narratives.  Unfamiliar Familiars opens April 11th then run until the 5th of May. More info here.

You also need to check out the Cascade Funnel-Web Vivarium, which is seasoned performer Matthew Stolp as a giant spider in a glass tank opposite the GPO. Stolp is appearing as a human-sized extinct funnel web, and is interacting with whoever is around. Apparently the spider has been getting bolshy and wrapping people in webs for who knows what purpose. Stolp is reliably hilarious and the spider get up is incredible, so this is one to catch; performance times are here. This is part of InsideOUT run by Creative Hobart.

Worth a drive and a walk: Nunami Sculthorpe-Green has made a sound making sculptural work, Country is calling, up at Bedlam Walls over Risdon Cove. You’ll need transport to check out this one but a short bushwalk is always a good thing. Information here.

There’s lots of other great stuff out there; Follow the Make and Do insta for lots more art goings on.