Work with Andrew

Andrew’s reviews are intelligent, accessible and entertaining ... his genuine energy and engagement within the local arts community, invaluable.

- Emma Bett, Bett Gallery

Andrew can write things for you.

Including but not limited to:

  • Exhibition catalogues
  • Reviews, essays and articles
  • Website copy for your organisation or small business
  • Long form writing for artist books, websites and projects
  • Liner notes for records
  • And possibly things I haven't thought of yet... ask me!

Andrew is also available to write, speak at and host events, and consult on creative projects.

Contact Andrew.

Andrew is a font of incisive, articulate, deep knowledge on Hobart’s cultural scene. His reviews consistently cut to the core, draw out and elucidate subtle themes of each exhibition with piercing accuracy. He has become a beacon of support for the Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts in the State Library and crucial in helping to promote our shows.

– Caitlin Sutton, Curator

Past work:

Theatre review: Request Programme
Fury - Island Magazine
Fragments of Place - Island Magazine
Danger Music - Liquid Architecture (performance)
Attempting Alchemy - Un Magazine (Essay)
The C Word (guest host) - What are you looking at? podcast
Price Tags - Runway Magazine (art work)