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We need your ideas.

We need your ideas.
Trip35 photo by Pip Stafford somewhere in the North East of Tasmania ~2010.

So. We want to do an on-going (?) series on the Make and Do podcast that we are tentatively calling "Art Rabbit Holes". In the grand tradition of 'report' podcasts (think: Do Go On, Maintenance Phase) are asking YOU to nominate topics and then we pick one (that is, me, Andrew Harper and Pip Stafford) and leap into a Google rabbit hole. Hopefully we come out the other side knowing more about the topic. Then we will record our chat about it for your amusement (?).

Tell us: What should we research?
Topics can be anything in the realm of art and culture.
e.g. a movement, an artist (past or present, famous or not-so-famous), an artwork, a cultural moment, a concept, a controversy... or something else!

Email us or comment/DM via Instagram.