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Ugh. Grant applications. Or: Launching - Writing Services for Artists.

Ugh. Grant applications. Or: Launching - Writing Services for Artists.

When you're an artist you sort of end up being not just an artist but a writer of bios, artistic statements, grant applications, acquittals... and it can be really, really hard if that's not your wheelhouse.

Well, do we have an offer for you...

Pip and Andrew have been doing this stuff informally for years - helping artists write those bits of text that are necessary but kind of suck. There's only so many times you can write about yourself in the third person before you start to turn on that smug prick.

We can help with these things.

We will write your artist bio, your artist statement, edit your grant application (yes, we can even help you with the budget), write catalogue essays... all that stuff.

We can also consult on projects with individuals and organisations or businesses. Got a great idea and don't know how to progress it? We can advise on funding opportunities or venues, or help you work out how to best support artists in your community.

Head to our Writing Services for Artists page. Or simply email us to get started: makeandrewdo@gmail.com.

No job too big or small. Sliding scale fees.

Sorry this is kind of an ad, when you just signed up for Andrew's excellent writing. Promise it wont happen too often. Rest assured that 10% of profits made from this piece of Blatant Revenue Raising will be spent exclusively on treats for the creature pictured below.

Did you know my ancestors are on the Bayeux Tapestry?