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Podcast 001: Ricky Maynard

Podcast 001: Ricky Maynard

<fanfare, trumpets, streamers, children writing ‘make and do’ with sparklers>

It is with great excitement that I get to release the first Make and Do podcast.

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I got very lucky and had a chat with the fabulously clever and astonishingly nice Ricky Maynard about his exhibition at Bett Gallery, No More Than What You See 1993 - 2023, a series of photographs of incarcerated Aboriginal people.

This is an exceptional, and crucial exhibition. You need to see it, as it’s more relevant now in 2023 than when it was first mounted in 1991. Ricky is an important artist, creating images that sear with their honest revelation.

I’m fortunate to spoken to him.

Thank you:
To Ricky Maynard, of course; and a big one goes to the fine folk at Bett Gallery for co-ordinating the interview with Ricky and allowing me to use their stock room to record in (you might hear Murray St traffic in the background).

The Make and Do podcast will likely be a bit ad hoc - based on the availability of good content and interviews rather than a schedule - and will feature both free episodes (emailed to all subscribers and available on the Make and Do website) and extra content for paid subscribers.

You will be able to subscribe to the podcast through all good podcast apps (but give us a minute, cos we are still distributing this first one, and some platforms - looking at you, Apple podcasts - can take a bit of time to do this).

So, you know the drill, like, subscribe, share with your friends, give us some ratings and send me any feedback. I'd love to know what you think.

The podcast is hosted by me, Andrew Harper and produced by Pip Stafford*

*Pip also produces What are you looking at? podcast for Contemporary Art Tasmania.